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Makiavelia Online Beta Launching Now!


This is it: one and half year of continued work and now Makiavelia Online is finally launching its Beta version. I can't believe I made it so far.

Now, I will need the help of all the Makiavelia fans to join online and test the game. And of course, since Makiavelia is a many-player game, we'll be playing online together!

The app will need some improvement still, so I will count on you all to report any bugs you can find using the help function of the app, or even to submit some feedback. Don't forget I'm a one-man team!

Please note that the app is not yet phone friendly, I may still have to make adjustments so it works on all types of computer resolutions. Phone version will require yet more work, so I want to see how things go on desktop first.

In order to keep Makiavelia fun and consistent, I've designed sign up in such a way that some funny user names are auto-generated. Do get your username now, it's unique and precious!

I will be scheduling a live premier online event to give a tour of the app and perhaps also do some live play. I hope you're all going to be there :)

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