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Going to Alpha Testing

I've reached a new milestone in the development of Makiavelia online: now all cards' special actions have been developed. The only remaining major component of the app to develop is the ability to trade.

Initially I thought about making trade an exchange, but decided instead to leave it up to the players to regulate the exchange independently. In other words, a player will have the ability not to give the due counterpart of an exchange and cheat another player into trading---that totally fits in spirit of the Makiavelia :)

Soon after doing the trade action, I will go into initial closed alpha testing of the app, while beginning to work on beautifying the app with proper design where required. I also still have few GUI issues improve.

Soon after that though, I will begin opening the Makiavelia online to those of you who wish to test out the online version interactively! I'd be more than happy to get your feedback on the matter.

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