Are you ready to rule?

Makiavelia is a strategy and diplomacy card game for 3 to 8 players.

The Empire is falling! Your opportunity to rise to power is now or never. But do you have what it takes to rule? You will need to excel at strategy, diplomacy, and show merciless cunning when necessary. Forge new regimes, lead your armies into battle and amass wealth. But watch out! Your own allies are also power thirsty and may just as well be your enemies!


Enjoy diplomatic intrigue and Machiavellian excitement!

Easy, fun, and very naughty!

3 - 8


10 min

per player

12 +

years old

Your goal: to accumulate the most wealth before the end of the game.

Collect as many Makielons as possible.

The Makielon is the official currency of Makiavelia and you need to get as many as you you can before the end of the game. At the end of each round, the players with the highest power will earn some coins. But there are other ways to *ahem* "earn" some coins, such as blackmailing, theft, and more.

Team up by forming regimes.

You stand a better chance to earn coins as a team. At the end of each round, you may form a regime by holding the power tokens of your allies. The regime with the highest combined power will earn the coins. But how will you share them within your regime? To prevail in Makiavelia, you will need to negotiate fiercely.

Play your cards wisely.

You will have 108 powerful cards at your disposal: use them strategically to ascend to power. Each turn you may play a new card: erect a building, exert your influence, or recruit army! At any time a card could turn the game to your advantage, and victory may just be within your reach.

Lead historical battles

With 9 different army units at your command, and with the support of your allies, lead your armies into historical battles. Cast battle dice to unleash your firepower and inflict wounds to other armies or buildings to crush your enemies!

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Checkout what Makiavelia is made of:
108 cards - 72 coin tokens - 36 wound tokens - 
8 power tokens

8 battle dice - 1 first player token - 1 treasury bag

Surprise Attack
Elizabeth Naughtsworth
Wound Tokens
Vladislav Losthisky
Battle Dice

What Meeple Times Said

"Each game is unique and interesting because the huge deck of cards means you never know which cards are in play. Players have to adapt their strategy to various situations. The player who wins isn't always the one with the best cards, but instead the one that can successfully convince their opponent's they're not a threat."


—  Ian Hornbaker, The Meeple Times.


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